About Me

Melissa Janneh is an experienced Pilates instructor and started her journey with a 500 hours certified Yoga teacher training in France.

Hi, my name is Melissa

After obtaining a degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Ergonomics from the university, I gave birth to my son who had been diagnosed with Hirschprung's disease. So I decided to spend more time at home and find a job that could allow me to do it. I started making clothes and dolls for children, but stopped everything after my divorce.

After a difficult year, looking for a mental and physical balance, I came across a video of Tara Stiles on Youtube, a yoga teacher who was talking about how she had knitted her hat. I was more interested about the knitting subject but then found an interest on what she was also teaching which was Yoga. I started a yoga teacher training in December 2013 in France where I lived at the time. I also obtained a degree in Community Management in 2015 and moved to England with my 4 children. My youngest child who was 2 years old was only going 15 hours in nursery. Again, I had to stay home must of the time to take care of my daughter. 

I no longer found myself in yoga when my spirituality took a more important place in my life. The source of yoga was in opposition to my religious beliefs but I wanted to maintain a physical and mental wealth without any form of spirituality involved. So I've found Pilates to be the perfect balance and started the Pilates teacher training in 2016. My passion for stretching also helped me appreciate even more the benefits of Pilates and I love the breadth and depth of the method and how it will support everyone from injured to athlete.

Being personally grounded and becoming more confident. I’m proud of that knowing that Pilates can make a positive impact on someone’s life and I tend to give each client a personal experience.